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And remember when the economy was doing so well people stopped playing that game where they'd make up the name of their fictional rock band (mine was a speed metal band called "The Rough Sex Defense"), and they started playing that game where they'd make up the name of their fictional dot-com corporation? It was about that time that I started selling things on this web site.

You can visit the store here. Some day I'll have a proper store, with diffident customer service representatives and murderous security guards. For now, I'm still renting.

And also FREE Stickers!
If you're dead broke, you can still litter the planet with free tremble stickers. They look like this:

and if you'd like a couple, just send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (that means put a second envelope inside the one you mail me. that second envelope should have your address in the "to:" part and a nice stamp on it) to the following address:

c/o 300 St. James Place, #2
Brooklyn, NY 11238

If you include something cute in the envelope – a story, a poetry, a scratch and sniff pizza sticker, a photo of you in overalls – I'll send you a few more stickers, too. Everyone wins.


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