exhibit c

I care about facial care products. Today, at the request of another male friend of mine, I picked up a tube of Clinique Face Scrub for Men. It's an exfoliate and I'm not sure exactly how well it's supposed to work but I do know this: Steve McQueen didn't have any in his medicine cabinet. Still, it feels really tingly when you put it on and germ freaks like myself will appreciate its ability to make you think that somehow, in some way it is "working".

Worse yet, after circling the Complete Clinique Skin Treatment Center at the Herald Square Macy's in Manhattan for about 10 minutes ( I didn't want to ask for help because I thought it would be a very take-charge thing if I could analyze my own skin within seconds, self-diagnose and self-prescribe my own Complete Clinique Skin Treatment) I finally buckled and asked a lab-coated skin-lady (she had rather large pores, I might add - definitely Type IV Skin) for some assistance with facial exfoliates. She seemed pleased to be able to help me and told me the following: "Yes, we've got a wide range of solutions. I even have some products for men elsewhere in the store." Oh. (Good news: the Clinique Skin Supplies for MEN come in cool grey tubes and boxes, definitely not to be confused with the girlier green tubes I had been eyeing.)

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