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i am constantly disturbed by the amount of product placement that's going on in my life. i guess don't mind that my coffee maker says BODUM or that my new stereo says RUBBERMAID, but the products i put in my mouth and on my body scare me. my family ate like most other middle class families, i think. our dinner table was blessed with an assortment of starches and water-blanched canned vegetables. but there was also HUNT'S and SEVEN SEAS and HELLMAN'S and ROYAL CROWN COLA and all sorts of other product labels. it made me feel like i was a focus group participant. these products would make me sick and i would often ask my parents to remove items like salad dressing bottles from the table as soon as everyone had properly lubricated their greens.

a friend of mine, who deals with this anxiety in a way that i envy but lack the energy to replicate, explained the crisis beautifully: it's the creeping feeling that you're living inside a commercial. i hate that.