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Today everyone has been talking about the father-and-son team of baseball enthusiasts who jumped the wall and pummelled KC Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa. I had a hard time believing it, especially since the first base coach is generally pretty low on the chain of coaching authority, just slightly above stay-at-home fans following the game with one of those "you call the play!" interactive televisions. I suppose, if nothing else, Gamboa was accessible.

My friend Gregg -- who I maintain is, along with my former college roommate, the funniest man alive without a proper platform for his comedy -- sent me a link to the story today, including some choice photographs. After checking out a choice photograph of the shirtless dad being hauled off in cuffs (you can almost see his mouth forming the words "y'all is brutalizin' me!!!"), I found this photo of the pair:

run, daddy, run!

I kept thinking, Is this a Reuters image or a still from the new Larry Clark film? Look at that caged animal expression. Check out the flicker of innocence, the way a legacy of white trash violence is being sort of eroticized in this photograph. Don't arrest those two - get them some catalog work!

The aforementioned Gregg had the best rationale for the attack I've heard yet. When I asked him how something like this could happen, he responded, "Well, I guess maybe the dad got a little drinky, found himself upset about a few plays, and finally asked himself, 'what would Kid Rock do?'"

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