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Over the weekend someone informed me that tremble had been linked from a site called memepool, which explained a weird spike in emails from strangers who very much wanted to tell me whether or not I am gay. (thanks!) Memepool is one of those sites that passionately tracks (and usually initiates) the kinds of quirky web sites normals like us forward to everyone we know. You know what I'm talking about. Dogs in kimonos? Memepool was there. That weird guy who dresses like Peter Pan and Little Lord Fauntleroy? Memepool is on it. In other words, all the important stuff that keeps you from finishing up those spreadsheets or that game of PC solitaire. I love memepool.

That the site decided to send people to visit 'does that make my gay?' just a few short years after it was initially posted on tremble probably speaks volumes about my own poor self-promotional skills. If I'd known memepool was coming, however, I would have corrected all of the horrible grammar and early-Todd fancy-free writing style, or at least apologized for it. But I guess if you're someone who is used to being entertained by crooning babies or the HampsterDance, my apology isn't really necessary.

P.S. I kiss you.

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