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Last week, my web host did something technical and fancy which purportedly improved their service. However, for individuals like me, it was sort of annoying. In the process, they lost the most current version of my site and reinstalled it with a backed-up version from a few days prior. (without ever letting me know. slick!)

I think I'm OK with losing a few rushed thoughts, posted on tremble, though I must admit I was disappointed in the loss of one entry in particular. That's what made it so nice to receive an email today from one of my readers. Apparently, he'd seen that post when it was up (ever so briefly...) and even bothered to copy-paste a passage from it into an email to his sister. Having this little scrap is kind of fun, like finding a discarded page from some moony teenager's embarrassingly frank post coital letter to her boyfriend. Well, not entirely like that. But here, without context, is what was sent to me today:

"In the middle of my onilne research for babies - I was thinking of buying one - I discovered something interesting at web sites like Here's what I learned: people love babies. Most mothers also seem to agree that it's difficult for other people to understand how much one can love a baby until they own one, too. Babies are kind of like TiVo in that way."

It's not much, but it's nice to see it again. If anyone happens to find the rest, in their browser cache, or pressed with wildflowers between the pages of an Internet scrapbook, feel free to send them along.

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