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I've been seeing a lot of links (online, and in person) to Quickhoney lately. I love Peter Stemmler's illustration and pixel-design. I was really pleased to see Eboy, a collective of Brooklyn-based, German-born graphic designers of which Peter is a member, get the proper treatment with the release of their book, Hello, last year.

I became sort of enamored with Peter's vector illustration style a couple of years ago and took my crush far enough to commission an illustration. I sent him my favorite childhood photograph - an image I thought was befitting of his style - sent it to him, and he sent me back a file. I realize it's somewhat odd, maybe even vain, to have a portrait of yourself hanging above your desk in your apartment, but it's easy to put that judgement aside when the portrait looks like this:

i had no control over my wardrobe at this age.

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