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I'm a bit busy lately, so today I thought I'd leave you in the hands of a marvelous thinker - the late founding father of the Ralston Purina company, Mr. William Danforth. This passage was taken from his extraordinary self-help book, written in 1931, and still every bit as relevant to the travails we face today, I DARE YOU!:

I am on one side of the table. You are on the other. I am looking across and saying "I dare you!"

I Dare You, young man, you who have come from a home of poverty - I dare you to have the qualities of a Lincoln.

I Dare You, heir of wealth and proud ancestry, with your generations of worthy stock, your traditions of leadership - I dare you to achieve something that will make the future point to you with even more pride than the present is pointing to those who have gone before you.

I Dare You, young mother, to make your life a masterpiece upon which that little family of yours can build. Strong women bring forth strong men.

I Dare You, debutante, to be a queen. Make life obey you, not you it. It is only a shallow dare to do the foolish things. I dare you to do the uplifting, courageous things.

I Dare You, freshman, to make the varsity team.

I Dare You, young author, to win the Nobel Prize.

I Dare You, young researcher, to become a Microbe Hunter.

I Dare You, barefoot boy on the farm, to become a Master Farmer - A Hunger Fighter.

I Dare You, man of affairs, to have a "Magnificent Affair."

I Dare You, who thinks life is humdrum, to start a fight.

I Dare You, Bigfoot, to make yourself seen. Shine on and inherit that which was always yours.

I Dare You, Frankenstein's Monster, to touch fire and embrace it. Fire give life. Fire not bad!!

I Dare You, cloth merchant, to sell double your cloth this month. And triple the next!

I Dare You, obese twins, to climb aboard that pair of tiny matching motorized scooters and ride around in circles for a bit while my beautiful family laughs and cheers. You are clown princes, and the world is your court. Now pedal!!!

I Dare You, whoever you are, to share with others the fruits of your daring. Catch a passion for helping others and a richer life will come back to you! I Dare it!

Now ask yourself: are you up for the dare???

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