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OK. So what if I had this terrible idea? An idea so insidious that any sane man, any marginally responsible citizen, would lock it away in the darkest recesses of his psyche and pray to God every single night that, upon waking the next day, the idea would have vanished forever? And what if I didn't really care what "sane" men thought?

I know images elicit very specific emotional responses in the viewer. And I realized recently that one could adjust the context of an image easily, without necessarily even making broad strokes, and yet still completely manipulate the intended response. You can push buttons in the viewer and, by getting inside his head with certain shorthand signifiers, ultimately making him liable for his new reaction.

I will shut up now. Instead, allow me to introduce the first-ever Experiment in Poor Taste and Guilty Conscience. Allow me to apologize ahead of time.

WE FIRST MET ON 02.12.2003

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