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The Preppie Killer is out! The Preppie Killer is out! It's interesting to me that people still call him that, since it's really such a dated label. More interesting, however, is that it seems Robert Chambers was in prison exactly long enough for his clothes to go out of style, and then back in again. Shouldn't there be a more cruel form of punishment? For instance, I've noticed that style-less grunge is starting to rear its lazy, glue-addled head again. Beards are showing up, as are trucker caps and flannel. Maybe the state should have waited a few months longer to release Chambers because, as the world exists today, he could become confused into believing he has lots of followers.

For those of you without the patience to read that last paragraph, here is a distilled, monologue-ready version of that joke:

"Robert Chambers, the Preppie Killer, is finally out. Which is ironic, because preppie is actually kind of in."

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Alfred Molina!

[p.s. this officially ends my latest streak of maudlin behavior on i've always felt you deserved better. i hope my naked humanity was not too nauseating for you. werewolf jokes, ho!]

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