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What the online community finally needs: an online beef. Enough of this cordial "congratulations to us!" attitude. Squash that "best gay/lesbian/bi-friendly blog, canada" web award b.s. Just in time for The Drama King Kay Slay's official label debut, my friend Christian has opened up a web beef with me on his site. Check out his May 5th entry. Then please contribute to the entry's "comments" and show him you have to give respect to get respect.

(i'm going to shoot him in his face at the Source Awards. shh. don't tell!)

I wish more web sites would do this, but in a more organized fashion. Take someone else's entry and then write an entry based on it, tearing it apart with witty, unpredictable talent and natural game. I wish...

WE FIRST MET ON 05.05.2003

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