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OK. I didn't want it to come to this. I really didn't. I am a very busy man. This month alone, I am opening three Quizno's sandwich shops in Brooklyn and Queens, so I hardly have time to discuss past dalliances and present beefs. Unfortunately, some people make that impossible.

Today, Christian Finnegan posted a very authentic-looking photograph of me in what seems to be an old Bob Fosse production. Fine. It's true. We all have a past, and it only hurts us when we deny it. Vin Diesel grew up with liberal Jewish parents in the West Village. Peter Jennings never completed the fourth grade. Kissinger was a shoe-freak. And, briefly, in college, I experimented with modern and jazz dance. I made a lot of great friends back then and I'm still in touch with many of the dancers, costumers, and choreographers from my college days. They were good days! Sadly, I've lost many of them to Billy Joel musicals and Mohegan Sun revues, but whenever I'm in the theater district I still receive an excellent discount on glitter.

There is almost no reason to be ashamed of the past, if only because it is forever linked to one's present character. In fact, even Christian has a past he's had some difficulty escaping. (for pretty obvious reasons) I'm sure many of you have seen the classy graphic treatment at the top of his site. But, after a quick scan through his images folder, I found something interesting. "Drivel!" is surely a very funny (and accurate) thing for Christian's choppy little head to pronounce to his readers, but it's a bit noncommittal. It seems the original image planned for his site was a bit more outspoken. Meet the real Christian Finnegan. Only God can judge him now. (thankfully, god is jewish.)

See you at the Gershwin tomorrow night.

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