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I had a dream last night that carried me into morning. In the dream our unconsious thoughts were a legitimate media buy, advertisers could compete for our brain space while we dream. There were also peak times to make the buy so your message made a stronger impression, and the top-tiered media purchase was your "alarm state." My dream posited that people no longer set their alarms for specific times, like "9:14am." Instead, we would set them for 9-ish. You'd have a few minutes of wiggle room. This gave advertisers the freedom to complete their message in time during your alarm state and, as soon as the ad played out in its entirety, your alarm clock would sound and the advertising message would be the last thing you remember from your dream and the first thought you experienced for the waking day.

I am pretty sure an old episode of FUTURAMA explored a similar idea. If they would like to sue my subconsious for copyright infringement, they may be my guest. My subconscious attorney can be a real nightmare, though. She has the body of Christina Ricci and the angry, disappointed face of my mother. Zim Zam!

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