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Hello, pals. Voting is open for the Emerging Comics of New York Awards. As you can tell by the fact that their site lives under the domain, "," this is a classy awards show.

Nonetheless, I would be extremely grateful if you would visit their site and nominate my one-man show – "TODD LEVIN – WEEPING SOFTLY INTO MY BEARD" – and the flyer I created for it – for an ECNY. The nomination form is here:

IMPORTANT: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN NEW YORK TO VOTE. You can participated from the far reaches of the globe. And please don't be shy about sending this URL to pals everywhere and encouraging them to vote as well. I promise, if I'm nominated, I'll post the flyer and maybe even some clips from the show.

[If you're looking for other people to nominate in some of the other categories, here are a few suggestions. These are by no means complete – and by every means kind of self-serving, I guess – and I'm sorry if I've left any pals out. I just free-associated for a bit.]

Best male standup comedian:
Tom McCaffrey
Bryan Olsen
Liam McEneaney
Todd Levin
Patrick Borelli
Matt Goldich
Joe Devito
Jesse Joyce
Jonathan Corbett
Roger Hailes

Best female standup comedian:
Ophira Eisenberg
Amanda Melson
Rena Zager
Rachel Feinstein

Best comedy writer:
Bob Powers
Todd Levin
Kyria Abrahams

Best one person show:
Todd Levin – Weeping Softly Into My Beard

Best variety show:
How to Kick People

Best comedic website:

Best flyer:
Todd Levin – Weeping Softly Into My Beard

[If my flyer is nominated, I promise I will try to post it on tremble. I just don't have time to scan the damn thing right now.]

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