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I am taping my spot for Comedy Central's PREMIUM BLEND next Thursday, August 25th, and I finally received the full details from Comedy Central about how to get FREE tickets.

If you're in or near NYC, and you'd like to go, it's pretty easy. You have two options, basically:

If you're a phone person, call 888-258-0661
and tell them you'd like to get tickets for the Thursday, August 25th taping of Show #902. They'll give you all the venue details, and tell you what time to be there. (I believe it's a 6pm audience arrival time for my show)

If you're a web person (you must be, right?), click this link and fill out all the necessary information. Make sure when you click that link you see the Aug. 25th, 6pm taping highlighted. If you mess that part up, you might have to sit through an erotic ventriloquist act and a gay, racist comic who performs stand-up in a pink Klan uniform. (Actually, that sounds pretty good.)

Seeya there!

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