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Thanks to everyone who came to How to Kick People last night. I'm always happier when the show is funny. Also, thank you to Luis Guzman for hanging out at the restaurant with his posse while I hung out with my posse. (I think, though I am not sure, Luis G is one of the venue's investors. However, I would not be surprised if he walks into every room looking like he owns the place.) Mr. Guzman, you have a marvelous head of hair; we all agreed.

Here are some photographs from last night's show. I think they will make you ask yourself, "why did I miss this?" but they could just as easily make you ask yourself, "why don't you two grow up?"

In other news, tomorrow afternoon I leave for Los Angeles City. And then, a few short days later, I'm leaving there for San Francisco. Approximately four days after that, I'm leaving for New York City again. I feel tired just from writing that, honestly.

I'm trying to see if I can line up a comedy show in San Francisco but, since I don't know any club owners and I don't yet have an agent to recommend me, the chances of me pulling this off are pretty slim. If you'd like me to come over to your apartment and perform stand-up comedy for you and 25 of your closest friends, maybe I can arrange something.

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