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The nice people at the WYSIWYG Talent Show went to all the trouble to shoot, edit, and upload video of their "Worst. Sex. Ever" show from this past Valentine's Day. You can view my contribution to the show here. (scroll down the page until you see my ridiculously coiffed head and then click the video clip link to see the set in RealVideo.)

The video is rather long. (just over 20 minutes!) During the show I knew I was going a few minutes over, but I was shocked to see the timecode on this video and realize it was this long.

I'm really happy with the way the video turned out, but I feel sort of ashamed too. (This contradiction will not be surprising to anyone who knows me, or to anyone who has been reading this site for more than a few weeks.) I get really uptight when performers at How to Kick People go ridiculously long, as it occasionally feels like the mark of someone who isn't very respectful to the parameters of the show, so I feel like a bit of a shit about this one. As penance, next time I have a show I'm going to get offstage after 30 seconds.

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