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How to Kick People is a comedy reading series I co-produce/co-host with Bob Powers each and every month, here in New York City. I like it a lot. We usually invite a small selection of comedy writers and published authors, with an occasional cartoonist or musician we love, to join us in entertaining an audience full of young people in flattering eyewear.

H2KP - Tonight, May 31st at 7:30pm
Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction
Admission: only $8, buddy

This month's theme is HEROES VS. VILLAINS and we've got an especially interesting group of guests. They are:

NICK KROLL (he's the co-author of Bar-Mitzvah Disco and the co-creator of 'I Love the 30s' and 'All Access Middle Ages'; he has a lot of URLs, it seems)

JANE BORDEN (she's an editor at Time Out NY Magazine, and her writing has appeared in The NY Times Magazine's 'Funny Pages' and on SNL)

MIKE SACKS and TED TRAVELSTEAD (together and separately, they've written for Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Esquire, and McSweeney's; tonight, Mike will write and Ted will read)

Hope to see your pretty face there.

WE FIRST MET ON 05.31.2006

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