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If you have a computer you can see me on a new show at Comedy Central's broadband experiment, Motherload. And here's where it gets complicated...

If you go to the Motherload home page like so, you'll see one of two things:

1) If you are a PC user – you'll see a glorious landscape of colors and shapes and movement, with well-organized links to Motherload content.

2) If you are a Mac user – you'll see a scorched wasteland of gasoline fires and broken dreams, where Humongous rules the chaos.

You will also see an image and link somewhere near the bottom of the page that looks almost exactly like this:

this is the face of alternative comedy

Now you're probably getting cocky and thinking, "I got this, chief. I just click on that underlined hyperlinked text, like so, and voila! I am all of a sudden watching a clip of you performing and such." WELL YOU ARE SO WRONG I COULD SMASH YOUR FACE.

Because if you click that link, instead of watching a clip of me performing, you will get to watch a clip of Jessi Klein performing at the same show. (She is very, very funny comedian, if you weren't already aware of this, so watching her perform is not such a bad deal; just a weird, unexpected one.)

But don't worry: once your pop-up window displays the video clip of Jessi, there's also no intuitive way from there to find the actual clip of me performing. In fact, the only way I could find the clip was by clicking a button labeled, "BROWSE ALL VIDEOS," then clicking on a link for "The Clip Joint" (down at the very bottom), and then a link to my video clip which, as of tonight, is the only video listed as part of the Clip Joint. (That's right—even Jessi's Clip Joint video, which you probably just watched accidentally or on purpose, is not listed as part of the Clip Joint.)

Sorry I made you read all of that because there actually is a more direct way to watch the video, thanks to my obsessively narcissistic digging. You can click on this link. Or, if that doesn't work (and why should it, really?) you can go to my secret special garden page on the Comedy Central web site, and click the video link labeled "Thanks you notes." (Which is for "thank you notes.") And after all that, you will see an edited clip of some junk I did at a live show that was filmed (using inexpensive security cameras and the 'Grizzled' lens filter, it seems) for The Clip Joint. Who's sleepy?!!

I know this is kind of self-absorbed but I'd also like to take a moment to point out the difference between the photos of me from Premium Blend (taken August, 2005) and The Clip Joint (taken less than six months later, in February, 2005):

the salad days ruined by success

Oh man, what happened to me? In just a few short months I went from being America's long-eyelashed comedy sweetheart to an American Werewolf in London. I sincerely look like I have lycanthropy. Rough around the edges. In fact, I just received this text message on my Sidekick from Jan Michael Vincent: "buddy boy, get some sleep. you look like shit. l8r, j-rock."

I do hope you get to watch the video and, further, I hope you enjoy it. It was nice of Comedy Central to include me in this project, and very brave of them to film the show during a full moon.

P.S. Because I feel guilty turning this web site into some horrible progression of press releases in lieu of actual content, here is my review of the new X-Men film:

I give the story a D-plus and the special effects an X-minus. I've seen more convincing wire work in Mommie Dearest.

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