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It's 'jump the shark week' at tremble. First, a lengthy post about the ins-and-outs of next-gen video game consoles. Now, a pasted-in IM transcript because everyone needs to know how delightfully droll me and my friends are. And to think, there was a time when Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine called tremble "'s meets regular old suck."

This conversation was in response to the following op-ed piece on CNN: "Commentary: Gonzales being whacked like a pi˝ata." (Thanks for qualifying it with "commentary," CNN.)

[Update: Surely the result of dozens of incredulous and angry emails, CNN has changed the headline of that commentary piece to "Gonzales' persecutors blinded by rage." Fortunately, the writer has managed to preserve the pinata reference right at the end of the first paragraph. Wasn't going to let that one go. This guy is the Edward R. Murrow of contemporary news journalism. I can imagine he really fought the editors for the inclusion of that pinata joke. I wonder how far Ruben Navarette went, honestly. Did he pull the "it's not insensitive because I have a Hispanic last name, too" card? Probably.]

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