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I don't know how you feel about Gawker (and that is not an open invitation to tell me), but last week they published their first book, Gawker's Guide to Conquering All Media, a product made of pulp and ink and, strangely, not one single photograph.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I was responsible for some of that pulp and ink, by filling the Gawker book with my writing. And because several other very funny people I know also lent their writing to it, and I figure that's a good thing.

If you ever find yourself trapped in a book store, under a pile of copies of this book, and you think to yourself, "this is probably going to be a terrible way to die, and yet even in this tragic position, I can't help wondering what Todd Levin has written for this book that is literally about to squeeze the last bits of air out of my lungs..." then you can save some time by flipping ahead to "Book to Film" section, or the "NPR Fundraiser Premiums Wishlist" or the "Know Your Radio Formats" chart, or the "Spotlight on Music Bloggers" checklists, or a couple other things I'll leave to the imagination.

There are, as I mentioned earlier, many other very funny sections written by professional comedy writers that I could also recommend, but this is my selfish web site. In any case, I stand behind (nearly all of) my contributions to this very important book that is sure to be remembered through the ages.

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