exhibit j

I hate organized sports. actually, I hate all organization eventually, but organized sports even has the word "organized" in it so I hate that first. I used to sort of pretend I knew something about sports and, for reasons still unknown to me, in 1982 I collected the entire TOPPS trading card series for Major League Baseball. I was obsessed. I was also pretty obsessed with the LA Dodgers during this season. I never watched a game the whole season, but did put the effort in a couple of times, and can still rattle off ridiculous statistics about Fernando Venezuela, Ron Cey, Willie Stargell, and Rollie Fingers. But that's all I know and I have never made it a habit to know anything since. I know more about the Pre-Raphaelites than I do about the NY Yankees starting lineup. Recently, I made a really weird sports faux pas. I think I was asking something about the legality of "calling 'ghost-man' on second" if your roster was lagging. This was stupid and I must never speak of sports again for as long as I live.

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