exhibit k

Another sports faux pas, actually. Recently, I had lunch with an old co-worker. I had penne with basil, mozzarella and tomato because I thought some of the other, cream-based sauces were a bit too heavy for lunch. This was a motivation which, of course, remained unexpressed. I think that's for the best.

Anyway, at the beginning of lunch, N said, "Wow, how about them Yankees?" (yes, he did say "them" but it wasn't because he's one of those mythical Bronx cabbies that Hollywood leads you to believe Manhattan is simply brimming with. he said it because he has this sort of character he lapses into every now and again whenever he says something extra "male" e.g. a comment about a professional sports franchise or investment opportunity. the character is sort of, well, I guess it's sort of that very same street-smarts Bronx cabbie. may the circle remain unbroken) I, like a fool, concurred enthusiastically, even though I knew nothing about the Yankees except they were engaged in some sort of important championship hoopla about which everyone in New York except perhaps the executive editorial staff of Condé Nast and me was considerably excited. I actually said the following: "Yeah, wow. People are going nuts. What game is it now, anyway?"

The Yankees had, of course, won the World Series the previous night - a fact which N pointed out (thankfully) politely. Apparently they are a very good group of athletes. Go Yanks.

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