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Who will win?

  • Steve O vs. The Skullverizer
  • Albert Minor vs. Mr. Homunculus
  • Al Grimaldi vs. Nickelbag tha Ice-Grill Killa
  • Textile Workers' Union Local #43 vs. The Death of French Cinema
  • Stay at Home Mom vs. The King of Fissured Rock
  • Logan's Run vs. Sharkey's Machine
  • The Lordís Prayer vs. 18-inch Stack of Illicit Pornography
  • Christmas Day vs. Unexpected Dick Punch
  • Home Cooking vs. Your Fatherís Looming, Drunken Shadow
  • Lil Wayne vs. Lil Zane vs. Lil Bow Wow vs. Lil Abner vs. Little House on the Prairie, special 2-part episode
  • The Blue Danube vs. Dragonface
  • Captain Nail Gun vs. Lost Love Letter
  • Atomic Sit-Up vs. Indian Rope Burn
  • Soft Kitten vs. Deathy!

(this has been a missy elliott EXCLUSIVE.)

WE FIRST MET ON 11.19.2002

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