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Making and ordering a list makes things nice. This year being so great for music that a "best of 2002" list was so easy it actually became difficult. No single album by an artist knocked me out completely, but many artists made knockout singles. (see what i just did with language??? why hasn't entertainment weekly scooped me up into its loving arms yet?) Here's a list, of my favorite ones from last year, in order of my memory's ability to recall them:

  1. "The Boy Looked at Johnny," The Libertines
  2. "Stay Don't Go," Spoon
  3. "Ivanka," Imperial Teen
  4. "Work It," Missy Elliott
  5. "Dig a Hole," The Rogers Sisters
  6. "Rock You," The Roots
  7. "Roland," Interpol (notable mention: "PDA", "Obstacle 1")
  8. "The Leanover," Life Without Buildings
  9. "Lose Yourself," Eminem
  10. "Oh Goddamnit," Hot Hot Heat
  11. "Oh!," Sleater-Kinney
  12. "Hate to Say I Told You," The Hives
  13. "One Sailor Was Waving," Ballboy
  14. "Hot in Herre," Nelly (notable mention: "Air Force Ones")
  15. "Die Another Day," Madonna (shut up!)
  16. "One with the Freaks," The Notwist
  17. "Lost Cause," Beck
  18. "Huffer," The Breeders
  19. "Promising Light," Iron & Wine
  20. "Hey Ma," Cam'ron
  21. "You Know You're Right," Nirvana (can't help myself)

Phew! Now, after reading everyone else's TOP 10 lists from the year, I wonder if I'm required to buy Solomon Burke's comeback album. It's a funny thing when an album becomes the aesthetic intersection between Mojo Magazine and the "Music We Love" rack at Starbucks Coffee.

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