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In this late hour, as I deliberately put exactly THREE important things on hold, I can't stop thinking about Air Bud. A few days ago I was apprised of a new chapter in the Air Bud saga titled, Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch. That's a great name. A really great name. I might not have been able to imagine that name even if I were paid to do exactly that. I cannot speak for the quality of the Air Bud films although I must say the fact that so many sequels have been produced speaks volumes for the quality all by itself. (not to mention accolades from some of this country's most respected cineastes.)

But those names! Each one better than the last. Here is what we know about Bud. Bud is an extremely athletic dog. Bud wears athletic jerseys and, on occasion, sneakers. Many people assume Bud's talents are limited to basketball (ergo "Air Bud"), but that's the furthest from the truth. In addition to basketball, Bud is a real champ at baseball (the aforementioned Seventh Inning Fetch), as well as soccer (Air Bud: World Pup), and football (Air Bud: Golden Receiver.

But that's not all! Bud is also champion card player (Air Bud: Dog Playing Poker); a golf pro (Air Bud: In the Ruff); a Soviet nuclear submarine captain (Air Bud: K9 - The Poopie Maker)

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