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I have a relationship with technology that can best be described as "adversarial." If technology had a human face, I would want to stare into its eyes as I kicked it in the testicles. That's how much it infuriates me.

Case in point: I had a really great time performing this past friday night and was fortunate enough to engineer an extremely rare confluence of having a decent set and remembering to bring a tape recorder AND remembering to press record AND keep that button depressed for the duration of the show. I was so excited that I decided, for the first time ever, I would digitize that recording and post it on tremble so all of my readers could weep with joy to hear.

Well, I fucked up. Irrevocably, in fact. Analog and digital technology conspired against me and I wound up recording over my entire set with the background noise of my apartment - the sound of cats sleeping and the new Califone record. I then digitized this. The set is forever missing now, replaced with a very low fidelity bootleg of the song "your golden ass".

So, apologies. I guess you just had to be there. In fact, if any of you were there and would like to submit a professional-sounding recollection of the evening I will gladly publish it here, unexpurgated. I will not censor or qualify your words, no matter their nature. You know where to send them.

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