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I received a reprint permissions letter today from Glamour UK, which reminded me that I have a small (300 words or so) piece in the February 2004 issue of Glamour. It's there if you want to read, as part of a multi-author feature titled, "What he's thinking when..."

My piece is about women who cry. I'd originally been assigned a second piece, about women who make the first move, but an editor called several weeks after I handed it in and she had some bad news. My "first move" piece had been cut from the feature. The magazine liked it but it seems the same list of story assignments were circulated among the male super-huge-celebrity crowd, giving them the option to contribute to the article. And, unfortunately, Usher was very adamant about submitting a piece on women who make the first move. Naturally, I was sad to see my contribution cut in half (though, in fair play, i was paid for both pieces), but I have to say it's really just an honor to be bumped by Usher. I've always loved his writing. And his contribution to Glamour - the story of how he met Chili from TLC - finally answers the question millions of R&B listeners have pondered, and many poets have interpreted over the centuries. Apparently, Chili made the first move.

[i had considered posting my unpublished story here, but i'm not sure of the legal complications that could potentially ensue, and i would hate to be sued by Glamour or the house of Usher.]

WE FIRST MET ON 01.10.2004

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