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Today, Adult Industry News released a list of the Top 20 Hardest Working Stars in Adult Entertainment.

As a companion piece, they also included a list of the Top 20 Least-Employed Adult Film Stars. Tough luck for these guys:

  1. Erik Neverhard
  2. Taint Burns
  3. Sucky Pierre
  4. Crusty Canyon
  5. Flaccid McSoftensmall
  6. Les Anal
  7. Dick Cancer
  8. Seymore Psychoanalysts
  9. Dwight D. Reisentower
  10. Ron Turds
  11. Ashley Inside
  12. Aryana Brotherhood
  13. Christian Scientist
  14. Art Enthusiast
  15. Randy Fullblownaids
  16. Ben Raped, III
  17. Hedda Gobbler
  18. Rexxx Depresseddd
  19. Penelope Smello'Pee
  20. Jennifer Juggs, Jr.

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