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Attended a party this evening for HEEB magazine, in honor of their latest issue. (They've outclassed themselves with the cover, by the way. It has lots of pizzazz.) First of all, let me tell you the place was lousy with Jews. They were everywhere, from what I could tell. It's weird for me to be in an environment where I fit in so well that it's actually entirely uncomfortable. I even removed my eyeglasses after walking through the bar, because I was afraid they made me look like I was playing to type.

I had been meaning to introduce myself to HEEB's editor, because we'd talked on the phone a bit and I'm embarrassingly late on a piece I promised him. It's been making me feel guilty (and, yes, even responsible), and when I finally found him at the party he did very little to alleviate my guilt. Lesson learned: never disappoint a Jewish editor.

While we talking, a small German woman was trying to pull him toward the front of the bar. Josh explained that there was a film crew in attendance, covering the party and HEEB for a German television show. He joked that he's going to become the next David Hasselhoff. In my typically socially graceful fashion I countered, "Don't worry. They're probably just gathering footage for a propaganda film." His expression sank faster and harder than a drowning victim on Baywatch. (Incidentally, still Germany's #1 television show.)

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