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Seriously, will you just take a peek at the sidebar for a second. I have a lot of shows coming up? Stop by one of them, if you've time.

I'm particularly excited about the HEEB storytelling series on April 5th, partly because I'll be surrounded by heebs and partly because I've never performed at Joe's Pub before. It's a pretty fancy venue – I saw Blowfly perform there once, and when he told a joke about how you can tell what size pussy a woman has by listening to her urinate, he nearly blushed due to the venue's inherent fancy-ness. I've been told the tickets for this show are selling pretty fast so, if you want to get a nice table on which to place your drinks, reserve one now, yo. Like, here.

Also, next Wednesday's How to Kick People, which has a great line-up including Becky Donohue, a return visit from one of our favorite past performers, Mike Albo, and Cintra Wilson, whose writing I've pushed on people, sometimes against their will, for almost five years now.

PLUS! Bob Powers and I will co-hosting a new show for PSNBC called "Bob & Todd's Pen Pals," on April 12th. (check out the details on the sidebar, please.) It's a comedy show revolving around correspondence writing, and the line-up is already shaping up to be kinda nice. Sam Lipsyte (author of Home Land) and David Rees will be performing, among others. If you show up, you might even make a penpal.

And also other things! Seriously.

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