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I got back into town and found out I've been nominated for a few ECNY awards. That was nice and thank you for nominating me, if you did. Now here comes part 2.

The way these awards are structured, people are required to vote again. Yup. You select the "winner" in each category from a multiple choice of nominees. I would be extremely grateful if you'd check out the nomination form and vote for me in the following categories:

BEST ONE PERSON SHOW: Weeping Softly Into My Beard
BEST FLYER: Weeping Softly Into My Beard
BEST HOST OF A VARIETY SHOW OR COMEDIC EVENT: Todd Levin & Bob Powers, How to Kick People

and while you're at it:

As for the rest of the form, feel free to use your best judgment, or no judgment at all. Thanks! And it wouldn't be such a horrible thing if you forwarded this to your pals and family and all the guys in your Multi-User Dungeon. I mean, honestly, how many of those, "Which Character on FRIENDS are you?" personality quizlets have you sent them without a trace of shame?

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