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From now on, my credits on every show will read, "Todd Levin (Writer, New York Times; JUGGS, JR.)" and only one of those credits will be made up.

I am quoted in the New York Times Style section today in an article on something about which I am something of a certified expert: baby strollers. The journalist was really nice, and had seen something I'd written on Tremble a few years back, which she felt illustrated a central NY debate kind of nicely. And, going back and reading that little post, I'm actually pretty happy with it myself – not an easy thing for me to admit.

When the journalist asked if I knew anyone who might have a strong opinion on this subject, I immediately responded, "You should talk to my friend, Ophira. She hates babies!" She took my advice, and got a very funny quote from Miss Eisenberg. I expect that I'm going to be walking along the sidewalk in my Park Slope neighborhood very soon, and suddenly feel the presence of headlights behind me. When I turn around, the last thing I'll see is a heavily-illuminated Bugaboo Stroller. Just like Silkwood.

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