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I would like to submit this review of the season premiere of The Sopranos for consideration in the next issue of Don Diva:

"Yo, I said I wanted to see a lot of shit getting whacked; not a lot of WACK SHIT. Ain't but one motherfucker got killed in that episode, and he was a fake cop. Ten times that many people got shot in the first skit on the new Lil Wayne album. I give this season premiere two mandatory tossed salads. Show and prove for episode two or I'll stop modeling my persona after Tony Soprano and go back to modeling it after Nino Brown. RECOGNIZE."

(i'm so sorry that just happened. i think it was the result of reading someone's web site today. it quoted some nwa lyrics a bit too street-cred-knowingly and then followed up the quote with "NWA Indeed!" which is sort of like spilling out a few ounces of your magic hat ale for your 'dead homiez' and then immediately stooping to mop up the spill.)

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