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Thanks to all for attending the NO EXIT, PART 2 reading last night. In spite of my conflicted craving for + aversion to adulation - I was told the only time I looked truly uncomfortable was during audience applause - I had a great time. The actors had a ton of fun with the material and I hope people's apprehension about the potential obliqueness of the material was quickly smoothed out by the early inclusion of an "ass beer" joke at the beginning of the play.

One of the attendees was nice enough to snap a couple photographs without my knowledge, and he emailed them to me this morning. Even if you weren't there, now you are. Feel the rush...of carriage returns.

no exit reading, kbg. jew writer at center.

click on image for larger detail. thanks to stan cherian for camera work. and thanks to large heads in foreground for their work as extras in the production.

WE FIRST MET ON 02.28.2003

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