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This weekend, quite by accident, I discovered another band that almost perfectly connects the musical dots between the late-60s Kinks and my full, full heart. The Glands have the right name, are from the right town (atlanta, ga), and sound just like late 80s indie rock channeling 1968 British pop. (even though their albums were released in 97 and 2000.) The Glands are a nice band to discover, mostly because they sound exactly like they've been forgotten.

Every 8-12 months I have an incredible ah-ha moment, where a band falls into my earholes and everything else falls into place. It's a lot like growing up, but the way I'd prefer to do it - through dancing and denial.

This is a subject I've written about before (but i'm too lazy to link you there), probably after shooting my mouth off about ESG. In addition to ESG, previous ah-ha moments (from the last five years, i'd guess) have included Moby Grape/Skip Spence, The Only Ones, Wreckless Eric, The Undertones, The Rezillos, Masta Ace, and Hasil Adkins. It feels good to feel good.

In other music news, I am now the proud owner of a genuine tenor saw. It was a belated birthday gift from my parents, who are now terribly worried about how I'll be able to smuggle a 30" saw on an Amtrak train tomorrow morning. I'm not concerned at all, because when you're armed with a handsaw there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Except a petrified forest.

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