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Fresh Yarn is a self-attributed online salon for personal essays, and it's very good. Most of the contributors are LA-based TV writers, actors and humorists aliens to me, mostly. For the latest installment, they were nice enough to publish a piece of mine, "My Racist Aunt," which previously appeared in a rougher, less nuanced form on this very site. (It was a prelude to another piece first published here, then elsewhere "The United States According to My Racist Aunt.")

It is nice to be included alongside the likes of Sarah Thyre, who was one of the first people in New York to nurture my sophormoric side by publishing some of my absolute dumbest writing in her zine, Thyrezine. (my first contribution, titled, "How to Fuck Your Pets", included a diagram of a horsefly with a thought bubble above its head, containing the words "FRIG MY FUCKHOLE." class.)

It is also nice that I've finally realized a long-standing dream of mine, to be published in the same space as Taylor Negron.

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