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Guys, I have a question like, a for-serious one? I've been thinking about it all night and, man, I just don't know. Tell me should I add "SAW II" to my MySpace friends?

I mean, he seems smart, you know? He likes puzzles, and I like puzzles. And all of his MySpace friends are saying the nicest stuff about him in the comments section, like:

"sawwwwwwwww is FucKEN SICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Damn WHoever IS da ProDUcer OF thiS mOvies IS craZZZY. saw is a sick movieeeeeeeee."



and also:

"i didnt get to go cuzz im to yung, so i got to see crapy 'THE FOG' that sucked so much!!!!"

and this:

"Happy Halloween from MadMark."

And so many more nice things about how "sick" and "badazzzz" and "frikken genious" he is but I wonder: is all this positive feedback going to make him stuck-up? Like The Louis XIV Album, or that black doll from the Sprite commercials? [P.S. black doll um, you owe me a kudos after I gave you a kudos. It's, like, kind of how it works, protocol-wise.]

And do I really want to be friends with someone who already has, like, last time I counted, 14,104 friends? Seriously, how much time will Saw II have to comment on my photos [new onez up, btw!!] or read my blog entries, or forward around my quizzes?

Also, and I don't mean to sound derogatorian or anything, but it's kind of a little messed up that Saw II's MySpace profile name is "OH YES...THERE WILL BE BLOOD." I'm just saying, it's kind of focusing on the negative stuff, you know?

OH GOD FORGET IT I'M TOTALLY ADDING YOU AS MY MYSPACE FRIEND, SAW II!!! I hope you get along with The Cast From Rent. [FYI - from what I can tell by their songs, they mostly have AIDS. So hugs are OK, but maybe don't get more involved?]

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