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I am thinking of attending a Halloween party this evening, but I'm a little frustrated by its Draconian standards for entry. Being required to attend any party in costume is a bit of an imposition, but not at the cost of having fun. (Particularly on Halloween; if you're angered by a costume dress code at a Halloween party, you probably deserve to have your opinions toilet-papered, shaving creamed and egged. I'll bet you're handing out Oral-B Brush-Ups to Trick-or-Treaters.) However, this party requires an additional clause for costuming: everyone must dress as "URBAN ROYALTY." It's confoundingly vague.

I've been spending the afternoon divided between being angered that I can't dress as Bizarro Superman for Halloween this year, and being perplexed by what URBAN ROYALTY might mean. Here are some ideas I came up with, and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading this list back to myself tonight, while I sit in my apartment in the dark, with the shades drawn, hiding from children:

The King of Queens
Mr. Gay 2004
The Heterosexual Ambassador to Park Slope Lesbians
The Minister of Mole People
The Earl of Pee
Lord ShittyPants of the Bowery
Lord Bridge & Lady Tunnel
The Hunan Dynasty (Express)
Original Ray
V.I.P. Room
Martin Luther King Boulevard

Sigh. Just read this essay on Halloween instead, and consider this an I.O.U.

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