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My episode of Comedy Central's Premium Blend premieres on Friday, December 2nd, at 11:30pm, ensuring it will only be seen by shut-ins, house arrest prisoners, and the infirmed. AND MAYBE YOU.

Lately, I find I've been trolling Comedy Central's site quite a bit, like a former one-night stand who just won't let it go. (I've also been following the latest season of PB, both to see my friends' appearances and to try to figure out how the producers have edited down our 7 minute sets into 3-4 minutes.) Yesterday, when I clicked on Comedy Central's PB page, I noticed they'd already posted the "cast" picture from my episode, along with some clips from the show. It's kind of cool to see it up there.

I have two thoughts about all of this. First, it's pretty amazing to see the photographs of me on the site. I don't mean to see, "It's so amazing to see me, as always, for I am AMAZING." I am just totally taken aback by how utterly gleeful I appear in these photographs. I think I have a naturally frowny face, honestly. I sort of default to that Eeyore expression, and I usually don't feel terribly comfortable putting on a giant, silly smiley-face for photographers. So I think maybe I was just giddy on the day of the taping, and don't remember it at all; this is entirely possible. I've also considered that these photographs might have been snapped just as the PCP was taking hold.

Also, in the clip they've included, there was a full joke between my opening and the German graffiti story that has been excised. Now, with these two jokes back to back, one might (understandly) have the impression I'm a very, very Jewey comic. In fact, yesterday I was interviewed about PB by a reporter for a local paper, and she spent the first ten minutes of our phone call asking me questions about my Judaism. I finally had to make her promise me that we'd stop talking about Jewey stuff, because I was afraid the article would come out with a headline like, "JEW SO CRAZY! LOCAL HASID EXTERMINATES FROWNS WITH HIS HA-HA-HOLOCAUST OF LAUGHTER ON COMEDY CENTRAL." Actually, that would be a pretty good headline.

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