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In case you're wondering about that photograph, it's a screenshot from last night's Republican Presidential Candidate debates. Candidates for President of the United States. Of America. Twelve of them, to be exact. Why are those three candidates raising their hands, as indicated in this photograph? Because they were asked by the moderator, "Is there anyone here who does not believe in evolution?" And apparently Senator Sam Brownback, Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Representative Tom Tancredo do not believe in evolution. They are in our government, and they think man was created by Jesus Dust™ or molded from divine Play-Doh found in God's toy chest. See you in the White House, gentlemen!

To make it worse, here are some other questions asked of the panel that received an identical response from these three candidates:

"Do any among you believe one can contract AIDS from watching 'Will & Grace' in high-definition?"

"Anyone here afraid of werewolves?"

"Who still asks for Christmas presents in his prayers?"

"I am thinking of throwing incendiary devices at a Planned Parenthood after this debate, and I'll need some experienced help in making Molotov Cocktails. Any volunteers?"

"I don't suppose there are any candidates who think Jews are actually prehistoric lizards who control a more powerful, parallel government?"

"Holy crap. OK, I know I'm going out on a limb here, but is there anyone up there who still thinks cancer is caused by goblins living inside your organs? Don't say anything, but you can raise your hands while I look down at my notes."

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