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I'm not the "linking to pop culture junk" kind of web site. You've got your bingbong.coms and your frikkenawesome.coms for that. But every now and again something comes along that is so amazingly compelling that it demands to be linked from every web site in the universe. I am quite serious when I say I would be totally happy if this video was the World Wide Web's grand finale, and then the Internet just went dark and we all went back to making candles and reading the bible and stuff:

The final message in the video's end credits says it best. It reads, simply, "Chorographed by All of Us." Those very words should be on the Internet's tombstone. I got explicit reasons why.

P.S. Will someone please tell me that this is not an anomaly, and that it represents a larger cultural trend?

(thanks for the link, tucker.)

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