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I'm not talking about the highly-rated television show, for which I think the ratings are right on the money. I mean the new Simpsons Avatar Creator, designed to promote the upcoming Simpsons Movie. Many of my friends have created Simpsons doppelgangers and the avatars look absolutely nothing like their flesh and blood counterparts, with perhaps one notable exception.

It seems like the designers of this tool weren't even trying, honestly. I attempted to create my own Simpsons avatar and the results seem suspiciously templated. What the hell? I look NOTHING like that, jerks.

The results were even worse when I tried to make one for my cat, Coleman. This is what she looks like when she's hanging around in her own skin, just chilling, patiently posing for Lisa's camera:

And the closest likeness I could achieve with the Simpsons Avatar Creator is THIS. Am I just using this thing wrong?

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