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PAGE 42.

That's where I've earned my first byline in Esquire Magazine. It's in the August 2007 issue—the one with John Edwards on the cover, that fascist!

It's a small humor piece based on something I'd previously published in The Morning News, about choosing wine. I co-wrote the Esquire piece with a very funny writer and friend, Mike Sacks. (Mike is the author of one of my favorite McSweeney's pieces of all time, "Whoops!")

It was neat to see my name in Esquire. I'm not sure exactly why that sort of thing still makes me really giddy, but it does. And I'm not sure exactly why I've been sending photocopies of the article to all my English teachers from high school and college with a Post-It attached that just says, "IN YOUR FACE!" but I have. I'm not even sure how many of those teachers are dead. (Not by my hand, FYI.)

So anyway, yes, page 42. Sitting right there on the right side, like a shy teenage girl. It's a start.

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