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That title is 1000 times better if you imagine me, bags under eyes and full, grey-speckled beard, screeching the phrase in baby talk with a pronounced rhotacism on the word "growed."

I have recently come to realize that many of the things that angered me when I was younger no longer bother me, but that there's a whole new crop of things that do annoy me. And, coincidentally, many of those are the things I thought were awesome when I was younger. A couple I noticed, in particular:

The 2007 Me is No Longer Angry At:
- Burning Man
- Vegans
- The H.O.R.D.E. Tour
- Starbucks
- My Parents
- Karaoke
- Your tattoo(s)

But the 2007 Me Has Become Inexplicably Angry At:
- People who spend their time doing things they hate because they think there is something inherently quirky or funny about it
- Speaking in ironic air quotes
- Coffee shops that spend more time programming their iTunes playlist and picking out mismatched furniture than they spend learning how to make muffins, froth milk, or acknowledge customers waiting to order
- Parents who make their kids memorize the words to songs by Pavement
- White People
- Themed parties
- Your bike

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