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Every once in a while (every single day) an incredibly foolish thought creeps across the baby-smooth surface of my brain and I just cannot repress it. I had a roommate in college - one of the most naturally funny people I've ever known - with whom I could share these thoughts knowing they would implicitly be understood by him. I performed the same role for him, in fact. (i will provide one of my favorite examples. i was lying on the floor of my room focusing, trying very hard not to hate, and he walked in to tell me he'd written a joke. when i encouraged him to tell it, this is exactly what he said: "i'd like you to meet my new guidance counselor. his name is cobra commander." i laughed for a full week, until my body went into shock.)

The problem is, I think, these giddy notions are ensconced in a kind of geek fashion that doesn't translate well across social borders and is better left inside my skull if I ever want to french someone again. That's why I am well aware that no one (except my old roommate, todd, perhaps) will have a nice laugh when I say this: I have been wandering around my apartment this evening, throwing air punches at my cats and declaring, with authority, "Liu Kang wins. BABALITY!!!"

I hope Todd reads this site because now, officially, no one else does.

WE FIRST MET ON 03.16.2003

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