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This is such a bloggy thing to do, on this bloggy Wednesday morning, but here it is anyway:

Please get your ass to HOW TO KICK PEOPLE. It's a monthly lit-comedy show I co-host and co-produce with Bob Powers. We're today's daily pick in The L Magazine, and they were the first publication to really nail what the show is. Here's how they described it: "Two guys with similar hair and different ethnicities jerk off into each other's mouths for two hours and occasionally let funny, talented guests interrupt them with stories and shit."

(our summer vacation show)
Wednesday, July 28th at 8pm
with Kirsten Major, Patrick Borelli, and John Wesley Harding
at Under St. Marks Theater
94 St. Marks Place between 1st and A
admission: $7 (advanced tickets can still be purchased HERE)

WE FIRST MET ON 07.28.2004

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